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Spinnerbaits Nichols HOLOGRAM 1/2oz spinnerbaits

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NICHOLS - Nichols HOLOGRAM 1/2oz spinnerbaits
blue shad nickel scale hologram blue shad nickel solid nickel hologram white & chartreuse nickel hologram crystal tinsel gold hologram chartreuse gold hologram chartreuse tinsel white & chartreuse blue shad/white-blue blue shad, nickel blue brown crawdad
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Model No. Nichols HOLOGRAM spinnerbait
Price $7.89
Description WEIGHT:1/2oz

The Nichols Hologram spinnerbaits have holographic tinsel in the skirts. The solid smooth pattern of the blades disperse a bass catching rainbow flash.

Available Colors Code Stock
blue shad nickel scale 1504-12
hologram blue shad nickel solid 1564-12
nickel hologram white & chartreuse 1565-12
nickel hologram crystal tinsel 1567-12
gold hologram chartreuse 1614-12
gold hologram chartreuse tinsel 1666-12
white & chartreuse 20-12
blue shad/white-blue 40-12
blue shad, nickel blue 47-12
brown crawdad 97-12

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